SecureBorders’ solution includes data capture, analysis, operational targeting and monitored intelligence dissemination. Together these components make valuable information accessible and useful to officers, management and both national and international partners.

First and foremost, our software is built on a sophisticated policy engine that precisely conforms to agency-specific and national policy, law and procedures for information sharing and intelligence dissemination.

Based on secure, standards-based web architecture, our software encourages information sharing within enforcement agencies in a systematic, secure and responsible manner.

Information Sharing Environment
Our robust information sharing platform is flexible to work within existing governance structures for national security. Requests for information can be securely passed between agencies directly or, where a national intelligence center exists, it can administer intra-agency requests for additional oversight and control.

Risk assessment modules can be added into specific agencies. When a target is deemed to be of interest to national security, it can be elevated, securely and with appropriate oversight, to the national level for more specialized analysis and dissemination.

Streamlined Structure
In large developed countries national intelligence and fusion centers typically involve liaison officers from various agencies brought together in one location to facilitate information sharing. While this structure can work well, smaller less developed economies may find the costs to establish and maintain such a center outweigh the benefits.

Our secure information and intelligence sharing platform facilitates the function of a national intelligence center without the need to have liaison officers physically working side by side. A smaller team of more specialized, non-agency-specific analysts can then support operations within the national intelligence center.

Key benefits to this arrangement include sustainability due to significantly reduced cost, greater oversight, and controlled communication.

As an output from various analyses and investigations, deliverables from the National Intelligence Center may include the following typical intelligence products. Each of these templates is included with our software:

  • Intelligence Alert
  • Intelligence Bulletin
  • Intelligence Assessment

These products are designed to be disseminated nationally or internationally depending on policy and international agreements.

In addition to acting as the hub for national information sharing, a National Intelligence Center typically investigates and analyzes matters of national and international security such as non-proliferation.

This top-level surveillance may include adherence to UN Security Council Resolution 1540 concerning the illegal movement of controlled goods and other strategic materials that fall under non-proliferation agreements.

While customs and police departments might assess risk on cargo for more mainstream illegal activities, with our software a National Intelligence Center has the ability to fulfill national obligations under UNSCR 1540. Rules, profiles and watch lists specific to goods in UNSCR 1540 can be established from lists of goods and entities available through the Wisconsin Project, Wassenaar Arrangement, Australia Group, and others.

Additional international databases and watch lists, such as Interpol’s Global Police Communications System I-24/7, can also be accessed by our software.