In order for information to be readily available, even within an agency, it needs to reside in one or more databases. If the existing legacy system is out of date, or doesn’t exist, our software can capture normal operational information used for analysis and investigations.

Several records management system modules are available all based on typical best practices for information recording within law enforcement agencies. These modules are customizable to fit into existing information gathering requirements, and include:

  • Suspicious Activity Report (financial transactions including money laundering and proceeds of crime)
  • Intelligence Report
  • Surveillance Report
  • Crime Report
  • Person of Interest – Suspect Form

Information held within a records management system can be made available to authorized analysts and investigators. It can also feed the case management system and form part of the evidential trail through to prosecution.

Case Management System
Counter to a typical case management system which is often rigid in structure, our software emulates existing workflow within an agency. It can be customizable to fit into current practices and operational terminology. Managers can track progress on active investigations and provide oversight on compliance to policy and individual performance.


SecureBorders also offers a range of services customized to client needs, including: